Our prices


Registration for new clients is free.
Minimal first payment for new customers is 51 EUR or equal.

Call pricing

You can always find actual pricing here. Charge is per minute.
Prices are shown per minute, per 1 SMS message (140 characters) or per 1 MB of data (rounded by 96 Kb)

Virtual phone numbers

Virtual numbers cost varies by country and starts from 10 EUR per month.
If you want to view numbers pricing, please, authorize and go to number purchasing page.

SIM cards

SIM card cost is 20 EUR without delivery costs.
Cost of calls from SIM card is made from regular cost of direction and roaming charges (for example, if you calling from Russia — it is GSM — Russia All)

We are happy to provide good discount for if you are ready to provide heavy volumes.
To discuss invidual pricing plan — feel free to contact us. Please, specify us wanted direction, approximate volumes and target price.