Zdravo! Due to new law in Germany we can't guarantee to transmit your callerid efficiently since 01.dec.2022.

> "The German Telecommunications Law, TeleKommunikations Gesetz (TKG) in its version from 23. June 2021, published in the Federal Law Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt), Volume 2021, Section I, No. 35, Bonn on 28. June 2021 sets out the following new requirement for German carriers in clause 120, chapter 4:
> Telekom Deutschland GmbH must anonymize all German incoming traffic on interconnection trunks coming from outside of Germany, which carry a German A-Number.
> In this case, the P-Asserted Identity will be suppressed by a "Privacy Header," and the FROM will be set to "anonymous."

We will try to fix it as soon as possible. Just telephony, not Germany, not laws.

by the way,
we have added Ukrainsku movu u nalaĊĦtuvannjah. (
Sincerelly yours,
Narayana Team.

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