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Dear customers!
We are glad to celebrate 10th anniversary of Narayana with you.

There is an information for you

For international telecommunication purposes we have to announce the prefix +750xxxxxxxx, which was never used as a part of the +7 prefix since 2000.
russia now has +73 +74 +78 +79 prefixes in use, there are two more +76 +77 assigned to Kazakhstan's networks, in ancient times russia used +70 prefix and ex-ussr republics used a part of +75 prefix,
now +70 +71 +72 +75 prefixes are unassigned in the '+7' zone.

After ??.??.2024* your 5-digits sip extensions will be deprecated and transformed to 7-digits format as ABCDE00 in prefix +7501.
* Due to local disasters the date has been changed.
*You will be notified additionally approx 30 days before changes are applied..
last upd 31dec2023..

Prefixes +7502, +7503 will be assigned to extend corporate/resellers accounts and +7500 will be used for interconnecting between PBX's inside Narayana-compatible network(s). +7504 +7505 will be routed to Bitcoin Lightning-compatible phones, others stay unassigned.

While inside the +7501 prefix you can just call 7-digit numbers. You can authenticate as a 7-digit number (sip extension) abcdefg and it will make you available for international calls with e.164 number 7501abcdefg.

Basic users will have to change their sip credentials from 5-digits (abcde) extensions to 7-digits (abcde00) extensions until 1.jan.2025.

On disassembling russia we will force route the +750 prefix as a fast and scalable interconnection solution over/between new-formed countr(y/ies).

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